58 Pcs Deluxe Steel Slamping Kit

58 Pcs Deluxe Steel Slamping Kit, Table Slot 5/8",Stud Size 1/2"-13Features:● Table slot: 5/8"● Stud size: 1/2"-13● Block width: 1"● Quality kit for a bridgeportIncluded:● 24 studs;4 pieces 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", & 8" Long● 4 coupling nuts● 6 flange nuts● 6 T-slot nuts● 6 serrated end clamps● 12 step blocks● Wall HolderItemDescription4230-262658 Pcs Deluxe Steel Slamping Kit, Table Slot 5/8",Stud   Size 1/2"-13

Item0: 4230-2626
Item: None
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Item3: None
Quick Change Tool Post

Quick Change Tool PostFeatures:Both are precision engineered to assure repetitive accuracy.Advanced design provides built-in quick tool changing versatility with positive rigidity to meet the most exacting tolerances.Quickly and easily installed on an engine,bench, or turret lathe for a wide range of operations, from fine precision work for heavy duty cutting.Piston type posts are economical,while the wedge type posts are clearly ultra-precise. both accept the toolholders and interchange with aloes, durian,and DTM tooling.ItemDescription0250-0111Model:AXA,Wedge Style   A:2-1/2",B:3-7/8",C:2-1/4",D:9/16",E:1-3/8",H:4-11/16",R:5-3/4",Swing:6-12"0250-0222Model:BXA,Wedge Style   A:3",B:4-5/8",C:2-3/4",D:5/8",E:1-9/16",H:5-9/16"   ,R:7-5/16",Swing:10-15"0250-0333Model:CXA,Wedge Style   A:3-1/2",B:5-1/8",C:3",D:3/4",E:1-29/32",H:6-1/8",R:7-7/8",Swing:13-18"0250-0444Model:CA,Wedge Style   A:4",B:6-1/4",C:3-5/8",D:7/8",E:2-1/8",H:7",R:9",Swing:14-20"0250-0100Model:AXA,Piston Style   A:2-1/2",B:3-7/8",C:2-1/4",D:9/16",E:1-7/16",H:4-11/16",R:5-3/4",Swing:6-12"0250-0200Model:BXA,Piston Style   A:3",B:4-5/8"C:2-3/4"D:5/8",E:1-5/8"   ,H:5-9/16",R:7-5/16",Swing:10-15"0250-0300Model:CXA,Piston Style   A:3-3/8",B:5-1/8"C:3"D:3/4",E:1-7/8"x6-1/8"x7-7/8"x13-18"0250-0400Model:CA,Piston Style   A:4",B:6-1/4"C:3-5/8"D:7/8",E:2-1/8"x7"x9"x14-20"

Item0: 0250-0111
Item: 0250-0333
Item2: 0250-0200
Item4: 0250-0300
Item3: 0250-0400
Knurling, Turning And Facing Holder #10

Knurling, Turning And Facing Holder #10Features:For turning facing as well as knurling .Supplied with a set of high speed,precision-ground,lapped  medium diamond knurls. Dimensions: 3/4"X3/8"X1/4" ItemDescription0250-0110Model:AXA,A:7/8",B:2-1/2",C:1-9/16",E:1/2",Toolbit:3/16"-1/2"0250-0210Model:BXA,A:1",B:2-5/8",C:1-3/4",E:5/8",Toolbit:1/4"-5/8"0250-0310Model:CXA,A:1-3/16",B:3-1/8",C:2",E:3/4",Toolbit:1/2"-3/4"0250-0410Model:CA,A:1- 7/16",B:3-   3/4",C:2-1/2"E:1",Toolbit:1/2"-1"

Item0: 0250-0110
Item: 0250-0210
Item2: 0250-0310
Item4: 0250-0410
Item3: None
Universal Parting Blade Holder #7

Universal Parting Blade Holder #7Features:V-groove holds round shank boring bars and tools as well as square toolbits. Boring bar not included. ItemDescription0250-0107Model:AXA,A:15/16",B:1/2",C:7/16",D:1-1/2",Shank:7/16"0250-0207Model:BXA,A:1-1/8",B:5/8",C:1/2",D:1-3/4",Shank:1/2"0250-0307Model:CXA,A:1-7/16",B:3/4",C:5/8",D:2-1/8",Shank:3/4"0250-0407Model:CA,A:1-11/16",B:1",C:3/4",D:2-1/2",Shank:13/16"

Item0: 0250-0107
Item: 0250-0207
Item2: 0250-0307
Item4: 0250-0407
Item3: None
Boring, Turning And Facing Holder #2

Boring, Turning And Facing Holder #2Features:V-groove holds round shank boring bars and  tools as well as square toolbits.  Boring bar not included. ItemDescription0250-0102Model:AXA,A:15/16",B:1/2",C:7/16",D:1-1/2",Shank:7/16"0250-0202Model:BXA,A:1-1/8",B:5/8",C:1/2",D:1-3/4",Shank:1/2"0250-0302Model:CXA,A:1-7/16",B:3/4",C:5/8",D:2-1/8",Shank:3/4"0250-0402Model:CA,A:1-11/16",B:1",C:3/4",D:2-1/2",Shank:13/16"

Item0: 0250-0102
Item: 0250-0202
Item2: 0250-0302
Item4: 0250-0402
Item3: None
Turning And Facing Holder #1

Turning And Facing Holder #1Features:Takes various sizes of bits, turning and facing  tools can be locked together.Save time and labor when changing operations.ItemDescription0250-0101Model:AXA, A:15/16", B:1/2", C:7/16",   D:1-1/2"0250-0201Model:BXA, A:1-1/8", B:5/8", C:1/2", D:1-3/4"0250-0201TModel:BXA, A:1-1/8", B:3/4", C:1/2", D:1-3/4"0250-0301Model:CXA, A:1-7/16", B:3/4", C:5/8",   D:2-1/8"0250-0401Model:CA, A:1-11/16", B:1", C:3/4", D:2-1/2"0250-0501Model:-, A:3-3/16", B:1-1/4", C:1", D:3-1/8"

Item0: 0250-0101
Item: 0250-0201T
Item2: 0250-0301
Item4: 0250-0401
Item3: 0250-0501
Quick Change Tool Post Sets(USA Style)

Quick Change Tool Post Sets(USA Style) Piston Type Tool Post Sets(6 Piece Sets)Features:● Each set consist of one piston type tool Post and    one of each of 5 tool holders:   Style 1: Turning & Facing   Style 2: Boring Turning & Facing   Sytle 4: Boring, Heavy duty   Style 7: Universal Parting Blades   Style 10: Knurling, Facing & Turning.ItemDescription0251-0100Model:AXA,Lathe Swing:6-12",Each   1pc:0250-0100,    0250-0101,0250-0102,0250-0104,0250-0107,0250-01100251-0200Model:BXA,Lathe Swing:10-15"Each   1pc:0250-0200,    0250-0201,0250-0202,0250-0204,0250-0207,0250-02100251-0300Model:CXA,Lathe Swing:13-18"Each   1pc:0250-0300   ,0250-0301,0250-0302,0250-0304,0250-0307,0250-03100251-0400Model:CA,Lathe Swing:14-20"Each   1pc:0250-0400,      0250-0401,0250-0402,0250-0404,0250-0407,0250-0410

Item0: 0251-0100
Item: 0251-0200
Item2: 0251-0300
Item4: 0251-0400
Item3: None
4-Jaw​ Lathe Chuck

4-Jaw Lathe ChuckPlain Back, semi-steel body.These chucks have one set of reversible jaws.Jaws are hardened and ground.Independent jaw movement, suitable for machining all kinds of special-shaped work pieces.1 set of setting screws.1 hexagon wrench. ItemDescription0557-0003Chuck   Size:3"/75mm,D1:2.165",D2:2.598",D3:0.866",   H:2.284",H1:1.653",h:0.138",z-d:4-M60557-0004Chuck   Size:4"/100mm,D1:2.835",D2:3.307",D3:0.984",   H:3.031",H1:2.126",h:0.157",z-d:4-M80557-0006Chuck   Size:6"/150mm,D1:2.599",D2:2.599",D3:1.772",   H:3.799",H1:2.599",h:0.197",z-d:4-M100557-0008Chuck   Size:8"/200mm,D1:2.953",D2:3.740",D3:2.200",   H:4.331",H1:2.953",h:0.236",z-d:4-M10 0557-0010Chuck   Size:10"/250mm,D1:3.937",D2:4.724",D3:2.559",   H:4.626",H1:3.228",h:0.236",z-d:4-M12  

Item0: 0557-0003
Item: 0557-0004
Item2: 0557-0006
Item4: 0557-0008
Item3: None
Quick Change Tool Post Sets(USA Style)

Quick Change Tool Post Sets(USA Style), Wedge Type Tool Post Sets(6 Piece Sets)Features:Quick Change Tool Post Sets(USA STYLE),Wedge Type Tool postsets(6 Piece Sets)Each set consist of one piston type tool Post and  one of each of 5 tool holders:  Style 1: Boring & Facing  Style 2: Boring Turning & Facing  Sytle 4: Boring, Heavy duty  Style 7: Universal Parting Blades  Style 10: Knurling, Facing & Turning. ItemDescription0251-0111Lathe Swing:6-12"Each   1pc:0250-0111,0250-0101,0250-0102,0250-0104,0250-0107,0250-01100251-0222Lathe   Swing:10-15"Each 1 pc:0250-0222,0250-0201,0250-0202,0250-0204,0250-0207,0250-02100251-0333Lathe   Swing:13-18"Each 1 pc:0250-0333,0250-0301,0250-0302,0250-0304,0250-0307,0250-03100251-0444Lathe   Swing:14-20"Each 1pc:0250-0444,0250-0401,0250-0402,0250-0404,0250-0407,0250-04100251-0555Lathe   Swing:17-48"Each 1pc:0250-0555,0250-0501,0250-0502,0250-0504,0250-0507,0250-0510  

Item0: 0251-0111
Item: None
Item2: None
Item4: None
Item3: None
5C Collet Chuck

5C Collet Chuck With Integral D1-5 Cam Lock Mounting Features:     Outside diameter: 5-1/2"Spindle: D1-5 cam lock    No. of stud: 6Diameter of stud: 3/4"Integrated D1-5 back mounting. Install on the machine in seconds, no machining requiredCan be used on any lathe with D1-5 cam lock mountingCustomers don't need to do any work when received, just mount it on your machine spindle and go.  Can use any size 5C collet Round collet: 1/16 ~ 1-1/8"; Hex collet: 1/8" ~ 7/8";Square Collet: 1/8" ~ 3/4"Scroll and pinion design just like 3-jaw chuck ,  operated with chuck key. Scroll & pinion precision machined and hardenedMax. RPM 6000TIR: 0.0006"ItemDescription0269-00155C   Collet Chuck With Integral D1-5 Cam Lock Mounting 

Item0: 0269-0015
Item: None
Item2: None
Item4: None
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