M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End Mill

M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End MillFeatures:Center cutting M42-8% Premium cobalt Flutes ground by a world-class ISO-9002 factory.CNC qualified  Item # Standard ToothItemDescription1002-00141/4"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1002-05165/16"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1002-00383/8"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1002-00121/2"x 1/2"x 1-1/4"x 3-1/4"x 4F1002-01201/2"x 1/2"x 2"x 4"x 4F1002-09169/16"x 1/2"x 1-3/8"x 3-3/8"x 4F1002-00585/8"x 5/8"x 1-5/8"x 3-3/4"x 4F1002-05805/8"x 5/8"x 2-1/2"x 4-5/8"x 4F1002-111611/16"x 5/8"x 1-5/8"x 3-3/4"x 4F1002-00343/4"x 3/4"x 1-5/8"x 3-3/4"x 4F1002-03403/4"x 3/4"x 3"x 5-1/4" x 4F1002-00787/8"x 3/4"x 1-5/8"x 4-1/8"x 4F1002-151615/16"x 3/4"x 1-7/8"x 4-1/8"x 4F1002-00011"x 1"x 2"x 4-1/2"x 5F1002-01131"x 1"x 3"x 5-1/2"x 5F1002-01141"x 1"x 4"x 6-1/2"x 5F

Item0: 1002-0014
Item: 1002-0516
Item2: 1002-0034
Item4: 1002-0113
Item3: 1002-0114
H.s.s. End Mill

H.s.s. End Mill,TiN Coated, 4 FluteFeatures:Multiple Flute Single End Regular Length Right Hand Cut Right Hand Spiral Center-CuttingItemDescription1400-32011/8"X3/8"X3/8"X2-5/16"X4 FLUTE1400-32033/16"X3/8"X1/2"X2-3/8"X4 FLUTE1400-32051/4"X3/8"X5/8"X2-7/16"X4 FLUTE1400-32075/16"X3/8"X3/4"X2-1/2"X4 FLUTE1400-32093/8"X3/8"X3/4"X2-1/2"X4 FLUTE1400-32111/2"X1/2"X1-1/4"X3-1/4"X4 FLUTE1400-32135/8"X5/8"X1-5/8"X3-3/4"X4 FLUTE1400-32149/16"X1/2"X1-1/8"X3-3/8"X4 FLUTE1400-321511/16"X5/8"X1-5/8"X3-3/4"X4 FLUTE1400-32173/4"X3/4"X1-5/8"X3-7/8"X4 FLUTE1400-32187/8"X3/4"X1-7/8X4-1/8"X4 FLUTE1400-32201"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"X4 FLUTE1400-32211"X1"X2"X4-1/2"X4 FLUTE

Item0: 1400-3201
Item: 1400-3203
Item2: 1400-3211
Item4: 1400-3220
Item3: 1400-3221
M42-8% Premium Cobalt End Mill

M42-8% Premium Cobalt End Mill,4 FluteItemDescriptionCO-181/8"X3/8"X3/8"X2-5/16"CO-3163/16"X3/8"X1/2"X2-3/8"CO-141/4"X3/8"X5/8"X2-7/16"CO-5165/16"X3/8"X3/4"X2-1/2"CO-383/8"X3/8"X3/4"X2-1/2"CO-7167/16"X1/2"X1"X2-3/4"CO-121/2"X1/2"X1-1/4"X3-1/4"CO-9169/16"x1/2"x1-3/8"x3-3/8"CO-585/8"X5/8"X1-5/8"X3-3/4"CO-111611/16"X5/8"X1-5/8"X3-3/4"CO-343/4“x3/4"x1-5/8"x3-7/8"CO-131613/16"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"CO-787/8"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"CO-151615/16"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"CO-1341"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"CO-11"X1"X2"X4-1/2"

Item0: CO-18
Item: CO-516
Item2: CO-58
Item4: CO-1316
Item3: CO-1
Tialn Coated M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End Mills,Fine Tooth

Tialn Coated M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End Mills,Fine ToothFeatures:TiALN Coated.Center cuttingM42-8% premium cobaltFlutes ground by a world -class ISO-9002 factory. CNC qualifiedItemDescription1104-00141/4"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1104-05165/16"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1104-00383/8"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1104-00121/2"x 1/2"x 1-1/4"x 3-1/4"x 4F1104-01201/2"x 1/2"x 2"x 4"x 4F1104-00585/8"x 5/8"x 1-5/8"x 3-3/4"x 4F1104-00343/4"x 3/4"x 1-5/8"x 3-3/4"x 4F1104-00011"x 1"x 2"x 4-1/2"x 5F1104-00311"x 1"x 3"x5-1/2"x 5F

Item0: 1104-0014
Item: 1104-0516
Item2: 1104-0012
Item4: 1104-0034
Item3: 1104-0031
Micrograin Solid Carbide End Mills, 2 Flute

Micrograin Solid Carbide End Mills, 2 FluteFeatures:Single endCenter cuttingItemDescription1008-01161/16"x1/8"x3/16"x1-1/2"1008-00181/8"x1/8"x1/2"x1-1/2"1008-03163/16"x3/16"x5/8"x2"1008-00141/4"x1/4"x3/4"x2-1/2"1008-05165/16"x5/16"x3/4"x2-1/2"1008-00383/8"x3/8"x1"x2-1/2"1008-00121/2"x1/2"x1"x3"1008-09169/16"x9/16"x1-1/8"x3-1/2"1008-00585/8"x5/8"x1-1/4"x3-1/2"1008-00343/4"x3/4"x1-1/2"x4"1008-00787/8"x7/8"x1-1/2"x4"1008-00011"x1"x1-1/2"x4"

Item0: 1008-0116
Item: 1008-0018
Item2: 1008-0316
Item4: 1008-0916
Item3: None
Double Flute Straight Router Bit CNC Cutter

Double Flute Straight Router Bit CNC Cutter, 1/2" Inch ShankFeatures:Industrial Quality Router Bit.Kickback reducing design; Individually computer balanced. Precision ground for the smoothest cuts.Cuts all composite materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods.Use on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand held and table mounted portable routers.Industrial quality, 45# steel, carbide tipped;2 Flute type: straight shank double flutes;Standard: 1/2" x1/2"Shank diameter: 1/2"Cutting diameter: 1/2"Flute length: 3"Overall length: 4.7"ItemDescription0021-08281/2"x1/2"x3"

Item0: 0021-0828
Item: None
Item2: None
Item4: None
Item3: None
6Pcs  Multi-Flute Bridgeport H.s.s. End Mill Set

6Pcs  Multi-Flute Bridgeport H.s.s. End Mill SetFeatures:● Size:   3/4" x 3/4" shank with 4 flute   7/8" x 3/4" shank with 4 flute   1" x 3/4" shank with 4 flute   1-1/8" x 3/4" shank with 6 flute   1-1/4" x 3/4" shank with 6 flute   1-1/2" x 3/4" shank with 6 flute● Comes complete with wood   standItemDescription1822-02066 Piece 4 Flute Bridgeport End Mill Set

Item0: 1822-0206
Item: None
Item2: None
Item4: None
Item3: None
M42(HSS+8% Cobalt) Finishing CNC end Mill

M42(HSS+8% Cobalt) Finishing CNC end Mill, 4 Flute, Tialn CoatingFeatures:Center cutting .     M42-8% Premium cobalt     Flutes grounded by a world classISO-9002 factory. CNC qualified  ItemDescription6800-40011/8" x 3/8" x 3/8" x   2-5/16"6800-40211/4" x 3/8" x 5/8" x   2-7/16"6800-40413/8" x 3/8" x 3/4" x   2-1/2"6800-40511/2" x 1/2" x 1-1/4" x   3-1/4"6800-40615/8" x 5/8 x 1-5/8" x   3-3/4"6800-40813/4" x 3/4" x 1-5/8" x   3-7/8"6800-41017/8" x 7/8" x 1-7/8" x   4-1/8"6800-41211" x 1" x 2" x   4-1/2"

Item0: 6800-4001
Item: 6800-4021
Item2: 6800-4041
Item4: None
Item3: None
M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End Mill

Tialn Coated M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End Mill, Standard ToothFeatures:TiALN CoatedCenter cuttingM42-8% premium cobaltFlutes ground by a world -class ISO-9002 factory. CNC qualifiedItemDescription1102-00141/4"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-05165/16"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-00383/8"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-00121/2"x 1/2"x 1-1/4"x   3-1/4"x 4F1102-01201/2"x 1/2"x 2"x   4"x 4F1102-00585/8"x 5/8"x 1-5/8"x   3-3/4"x 4F1102-00343/4"x 3/4"x 1-5/8"x   3-3/4"x 4F1102-00011"x 1"x 2"x   4-1/2"x 5F1102-00311"x 1"x 3"x5-1/2"x   5F1102-01141"x 1"x 4"x6-1/2"x   5F 

Item0: 1102-0014
Item: None
Item2: None
Item4: None
Item3: None


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