13Pcs/Set Hss Annular Cutter

13Pcs/Set Hss Annular Cutter13pcs set - 7/16" to 1-1/16" Hss annular cutters, 1" cutting depth with 2 pilot pinsContains:1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 7/16'"x1" Depth(2080-2012)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 1/2''x1" Depth(2080-2013)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 9/16''x1" Depth(2080-2014)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 5/8"x1" Depth(2080-2015)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 11/16''x1" Depth(2080-2016)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 3/4''x1" Depth(2080-2017)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 13/16''x1" Depth(2080-2018)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 7/8''x1" Depth(2080-2019)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 15/16''x1" Depth(2080-2020)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 1''x1" Depth(2080-2021)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 1-1/16''x1" Depth(2080-2022)2 pcs Pilot Pin Dia.1/4"x3"OAL(IBC0-0090)Packed in black plastic blow mold case13pcs set - 7/16" to 1-1/16" Hss annular cutters, 2" cutting depth with 2 pilot pinsContains:1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 7/16'"x2" Depth(2081-2012)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 1/2''x2" Depth(2081-2013)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 9/16''x2" Depth(2081-2014)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 5/8"x2" Depth(2081-2015)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 11/16''x2" Depth(2081-2016)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 3/4''x2" Depth(2081-2017)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 13/16''x2" Depth(2081-2018)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 7/8''x2" Depth(2081-2019)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 15/16''x2" Depth(2081-2020)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 1''x2" Depth(2081-2021)1 pc HSS Annular Cutter 1-1/16''x2" Depth(2081-2022)2 pcs Pilot Pin Dia.1/4"x4"OAL(IBC0-0090)Packed in black plastic blow mold caseItemDescriptionN1013pcs set - 7/16" to 1-1/16" Hss annular cutters,   1" cutting depth with 2 pilot pinsN213pcs set - 7/16" to 1-1/16" Hss annular cutters,   2" cutting depth with 2 pilot pins

Item0: N10
Item: N2
Item2: None
Item4: None
Item3: None
Digital Quick Micrometer

Digital Quick Micrometer Absolute Origin Speed Mic Snap Indicating Lever Action Gage IP65 Coolant Proof, Built In Wireless TransmissionFeatures:Absolute originNo rotating spindle and avoid scratch partsQuickly measure with super high precision lever activated - fully opens and closes in less than one second. Fixed thimbleMeasuring range: 0-1"/0-25mmCarbide tipped spindleIP65 protection levelResolution: 0.00005"/0.001mm; Accuracy: ±0.00015"/0.003mmBuilt in wireless transmission (blue tooth)Ball attachment Included.3V lithium batteryFitted case includedItemDescriptionMD10-0001Range:   0-1"/0-25mm, Resolution: 0.00005"/ 0.001mm,Accuracy:   0.00015"/ 0.003mmMD10-0002Range: 1-2"/ 25-50mm, Resolution:   0.00005"/ 0.001mm, Accuracy: 0.00015"/ 0.003mmMD10-0003Range: 2-3"/ 50-75mm, Resolution:   0.00005"/ 0.001mm, Accuracy: 0.00015"/ 0.003mmMD10-0004Range: 3-4"/75-100mm, Resolution:   0.00005"/ 0.001mm, Accuracy: 0.00015"/ 0.003mm

Item0: MD10-0001
Item: MD10-0002
Item2: MD10-0003
Item4: MD10-0004
Item3: None
2-Axis DRO For Milling Machine (X.Y)

2-Axis DRO For Milling Machine (X.Y)Features: ●Voltage 90V-240V ●Power DC 5v (15%) 80 MA ●Two mounting brackets are each located at either end of the scale ●Resolution selection: 0.0002"/0.005mm ●  Zero setting ●  Half calculating,locating workpiece center ●  Inch/Metric conversion and INC/ABS conversion ●  Diameter/radius selection ●  Simple & Smooth “R” function ●  Divide the perimeter of circle # (Bolt Circle Drilling) ●  Hole Drilling Along An Oblique Line ●  Save 200 work piece zero points ●  Angular Surface Processing ●  Progressive Processing of Rectangular Inner Chamber ●  To reach objective values stop ●  Cone measure ●   Number percolate ●  Takes 16 bits & 32 bits CPU technology ●  200 cutlery memory ●  One year warranty on parts ●  Power failure memory ●  KA-300 series small size encoder ●  All mounting hardware ●  1 standard DRO Counter ●  2 Linear glass scales, cross slide  ●  scale is slim sytle model ●  Operating manualItemMill sizeTravelOverall Length of   scaleSINS-10018X36”12X30”17X35”SINS-10029X42”14X30”19X35”SINS-10039X49”14X36”19X40”SINS-100410X54”16X40”21X45”More products from this category:2 Axis DOR For Lathe Machine(X.Y)Slim Glass Scale

Item0: SINS-1001
Item: SINS-1002
Item2: SINS-1003
Item4: SINS-1004
Item3: None
Electronic Digital Caliper,IP54

Electronic Digital Caliper Extra-Large LCD, Metal Cover, Stainless Steel,IP54 Water ResistantFeatures:Premium high-quality digital caliper 4 ways Use for inside, outside, depth and step measurements with inch/metric conversionMetal covers heavy duty.Immediately displays on a large LCD screen when pulling it, 5 minutes automatically offConstructed with HRC 52.5 hardened stainless steel shafts which with IP54 water resistantRequires one 3V CR2032 battery (battery & replacement included)ItemDescription2015-01500-6"x 0.0005"/150mm x 0.01mm2015-02000-8"x 0.0005"/200mm x 0.01mm2015-03000-12"x 0.0005"/300mm x 0.01mm

Item0: 2015-0200
Item: 2015-0150
Item2: 2015-0300
Item4: None
Item3: None
5C Spin Index

    5C Spin IndexItem # 0225-0204Hardened and precision-ground spindle 0.0004" TIP spindle accuracy Precision-ground 36-position index plate Direct indexing in ten steps,graduated in 5-degree increments For use on all milling machines,surface grinders,and   inspection equipment Approximate weight 18 lbs. ItemDescription0225-02045C Spin Index Index0240-0104Tail   stock for 5C spin indexitem 0240-0104

Item0: 0225-0204
Item: 0240-0104
Item2: None
Item4: None
Item3: None
Precision Screwless Vise

Precision Screwless ViseFeatures:Hardened and stabilized Precision ground to a mirror finish Simple operation and extremely versatile Squareness and parallelism are approx. ±0.0002" on critical sides ItemDescription0235-0302ize:2",Total   Length:5.51",Total Ht.:1.96",Jaw Opening:2.56"0235-0303Size:3",Total   Length:7.48",Total Ht.:2.75",Jaw Opening:3.93"0235-0304Size:4",Total   Length:9.64",Total Ht.:3.54",Jaw Opening:4.92"

Item0: 0235-0302
Item: 0235-0303
Item2: 0235-0304
Item4: None
Item3: None
Dial Caliper Stainless Steel

       Dial Caliper Stainless SteelDirect reading to 0.001" on large clear dial  Measuring face hardened, precision ground and  micro-lapped for absolute accuracy  Adjusting slide for fine adjustment  Inside, outside,and depth measurements  Satin chrome finish,crisp engraved graduations  Clamp for repetitive setting  Accurate to ±0.001" per 6"  Covered rack  Deluxe case      ItemDescriptionP920-S214Range:0-4" Resolution:0.001"P920-S216Range:0-6" Resolution:0.001"P920-S218Range:0-8" Resolution:0.001"P920-S212Range:0-12"   Resolution:0.001"

Item0: P920-S214
Item: P920-S216
Item2: P920-S218
Item4: P920-S212
Item3: None
Multi Anvil Micrometer

Multi Anvil MicrometerFeatures:Resolution:0.0001"Two interchangeable anvil: flat & round.Carbide face on spindle Ratchet thimbleLock nut.Satin chrome finished.ItemDescriptionP101-S100Measuring   Range:0-1"X0.0001"P101-S101Measuring   Range:1-2"X0.0001" 

Item0: P101-S100
Item: P101-S101
Item2: None
Item4: None
Item3: None
Dial Caliper Black Face

Dial Caliper Black Face, White Scale, Red NeedleFeatures:Black faces 0-6" precision stainless steel dial caliper.Satin chrome finished no glare.Stainless, hardened steel beam and jaws with lapped measuring faces.Graduation 0.001 per revolution and covered rack.Widely spaced, microfine graduations.Adjustable dial for easy reading.It is made of hardened stainless steel.With extra smooth movement.  Adjustable bezel with locking device.4-way measurements for inside, outside, depth and step.Measuring faces hardened, ground and lapped.Covered rack for longer life and chip free operation.Come with fitted plastic case.ItemDescriptionP920-B216Range:0-6", Resolution:0.001"P920-B212Range:0-12", Resolution:0.001”  

Item0: P920-B216
Item: P920-B212
Item2: None
Item4: None
Item3: None
Dual Needle  Dial Caliper

Dual Needle Precision Inch/Metric Dial Caliper, Stainless SteelHardened stainless steel Direct reading to 0.001"/0.02mm on large clear dial Utilizes two separate needles for inch or metric readings  Precision ground and micro-lapped Adjusting slide for fine adjustment Inside,outside,and depth measurements 0.100" single revolution  Outside dial-inch /  Inside dial-metricItemRangeResolutionP920-S2366”/150mm0.001”/0.02mm P920-S2388”/200mm0.001”/0.02mm P920-S23212”/300mm0.001”/0.02mm

Item0: P920-S236
Item: P920-S238
Item2: P920-S232
Item4: None
Item3: None
Electronic Digital Caliper

Full Screen Yellow LCD Electronic Digital Caliper, Metric/Inch/FractionalFeature:Metric/Inch system interchangeable. Power ON/OFF (auto off 5 minutes) Zero setting at any position. Auto or manual power off. Power: 3V CR2025Data output. ItemRangeResolutionTolerance1110-18186”   /150mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1110-18288”   /200mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1110-183812”   /300mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm

Item0: 1110-1818
Item: 1110-1828
Item2: 1110-1838
Item4: None
Item3: None
R8 Precision Shell End Mill Adaptor

R8 Precision Shell End Mill AdaptorFeatures:For the bridge port - 7/16"-20Drawbar threadHold face mill.ItemDescriptionFG22-8032D: 1/2", L: 5.90", Range Diameter:   1-1/4"-1-1/2"FG22-8048D: 3/4", L: 6.06", Range Diameter: 1-3/4"-2"FG22-8064D: 1", L: 6.10", Range Diameter:   2-1/4"-2-3/4"FG22-8080D: 1-1/4", L: 6.14", Range Diameter:   3"-3-1/2"FG22-8096D: 1-1/2", L: 6.41", Range Diameter: 4"-5"

Item0: FG22-8032
Item: FG22-8048
Item2: FG22-8064
Item4: FG22-8080
Item3: FG22-8096
M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End Mill

M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End MillFeatures:Center cutting M42-8% Premium cobalt Flutes ground by a world-class ISO-9002 factory.CNC qualified  Item # Standard ToothItemDescription1002-00141/4"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1002-05165/16"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1002-00383/8"x 3/8"x 3/4"x 2-1/2"x 4F1002-00121/2"x 1/2"x 1-1/4"x 3-1/4"x 4F1002-01201/2"x 1/2"x 2"x 4"x 4F1002-09169/16"x 1/2"x 1-3/8"x 3-3/8"x 4F1002-00585/8"x 5/8"x 1-5/8"x 3-3/4"x 4F1002-05805/8"x 5/8"x 2-1/2"x 4-5/8"x 4F1002-111611/16"x 5/8"x 1-5/8"x 3-3/4"x 4F1002-00343/4"x 3/4"x 1-5/8"x 3-3/4"x 4F1002-03403/4"x 3/4"x 3"x 5-1/4" x 4F1002-00787/8"x 3/4"x 1-5/8"x 4-1/8"x 4F1002-151615/16"x 3/4"x 1-7/8"x 4-1/8"x 4F1002-00011"x 1"x 2"x 4-1/2"x 5F1002-01131"x 1"x 3"x 5-1/2"x 5F1002-01141"x 1"x 4"x 6-1/2"x 5F

Item0: 1002-0014
Item: 1002-0516
Item2: 1002-0034
Item4: 1002-0113
Item3: 1002-0114
H.s.s. End Mill

H.s.s. End Mill,TiN Coated, 4 FluteFeatures:Multiple Flute Single End Regular Length Right Hand Cut Right Hand Spiral Center-CuttingItemDescription1400-32011/8"X3/8"X3/8"X2-5/16"X4 FLUTE1400-32033/16"X3/8"X1/2"X2-3/8"X4 FLUTE1400-32051/4"X3/8"X5/8"X2-7/16"X4 FLUTE1400-32075/16"X3/8"X3/4"X2-1/2"X4 FLUTE1400-32093/8"X3/8"X3/4"X2-1/2"X4 FLUTE1400-32111/2"X1/2"X1-1/4"X3-1/4"X4 FLUTE1400-32135/8"X5/8"X1-5/8"X3-3/4"X4 FLUTE1400-32149/16"X1/2"X1-1/8"X3-3/8"X4 FLUTE1400-321511/16"X5/8"X1-5/8"X3-3/4"X4 FLUTE1400-32173/4"X3/4"X1-5/8"X3-7/8"X4 FLUTE1400-32187/8"X3/4"X1-7/8X4-1/8"X4 FLUTE1400-32201"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"X4 FLUTE1400-32211"X1"X2"X4-1/2"X4 FLUTE

Item0: 1400-3201
Item: 1400-3203
Item2: 1400-3211
Item4: 1400-3220
Item3: 1400-3221
M42-8% Premium Cobalt End Mill

M42-8% Premium Cobalt End Mill,4 FluteItemDescriptionCO-181/8"X3/8"X3/8"X2-5/16"CO-3163/16"X3/8"X1/2"X2-3/8"CO-141/4"X3/8"X5/8"X2-7/16"CO-5165/16"X3/8"X3/4"X2-1/2"CO-383/8"X3/8"X3/4"X2-1/2"CO-7167/16"X1/2"X1"X2-3/4"CO-121/2"X1/2"X1-1/4"X3-1/4"CO-9169/16"x1/2"x1-3/8"x3-3/8"CO-585/8"X5/8"X1-5/8"X3-3/4"CO-111611/16"X5/8"X1-5/8"X3-3/4"CO-343/4“x3/4"x1-5/8"x3-7/8"CO-131613/16"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"CO-787/8"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"CO-151615/16"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"CO-1341"X3/4"X1-7/8"X4-1/8"CO-11"X1"X2"X4-1/2"

Item0: CO-18
Item: CO-516
Item2: CO-58
Item4: CO-1316
Item3: CO-1


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