11 pcs AXA Wedge Type Quick Change Tool Post Set

11pcs AXA Wedge Type Quick Change Tool Post Set

1pc AXA Wedge Type Tool Post for Lathe 6 - 12",with 8 pcs Tool Holders and 1pc Two Wheel Knurling Tool,1pc Heavy-duty Indexable Grooving & Cut-off Holder (Nickel plated)


  • Wedge type tool posts are precision engineered to assure repetitive accuracy

  • Wedge type tool posts have the Maximum rigidity to get the chatter-free cutting

  • No time wasted with shims

  • All working parts hardened and precision ground

  • The tool post comes with a blank plate,  customers may need to machining to make it fit into their specific lathe T-slot

  • Suitable for lathe center height 0.6 - 1.75" (top compound surface to lathe centerline), such as: Atlas 10 & 12", Delta 10 & 11"; South Bend 9" & 10", Nardini TT1000 & TT1200 and many other same size lathes

Each set consists of one Wedge type tool post, 8 tool holders, 1 knurling tool and 1 heavy-duty indexable grooving & cut-off holder:

  • 1pc of 0252-0111 Wedge Style Quick Change Tool Post

  • 2pcs of 0250-0101 Turning & Facing Tool Holders

  • 1pc of 0250-0101T Extra XL Turning & Facing Tool Holder

  • 2pcs of 0250-0102 Boring, Turning & Facing Tool Holders

  • 1pc of 0250-0102T Extra XL Boring, Turning & Facing Tool Holder

  • 1pc of 0250-0104 Heavy Duty, Boring & Bar Tool Holder

  • 1pc of 0250-0107 Universal Parting Blades Tool Holder

And these follows 2 items can be used separately with any square tool bit holders:

  • 1pc of 0250-1740 Two Wheel Knurling Tool, Holder: 4"x1/2"x1/2"; Knurls: 3/4"(Dia) x 1/4"(Face) x 1/4"(Hole)

  • 1pc of 2415-5024 Heavy-Duty Indexable grooving & cut-off holder with inserts 2403-2003 GTN-2 installed,Size: QA08R-20B, 1/2" x 1/2" x 4-1/2" OAL




Model:AXA,Lathe   Swing:6-12",Each 1pc 0252-0111, 0250-0101, 0250-0101, 0250-0101T,   0250-0102, 0250-0102, 0250-0102T, 0250-0104, 0250-0107, 0250-1740, 2415-5024


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