0°~60° Precision Angle Blocks

0°~60° Precision Angle Blocks0°~60°adjustable Angle by locking the Hes screw on the bottom.Squareness0.0002"Angle Accuracy ± 10"HRC 50-55.ItemDescriptionEG02-00910°~60° Precision Angle   Blocks,1-3/16"x1-3/4"x4"EG02-00920°~60° Precision Angle   Blocks,1"x1-1/4"x3" 

Item0: EG02-0091
Item: EG02-0092
Item2: None
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Item3: None
Precision CNC Milling Vise

Precision CNC Milling ViseFeatures:Low profile pull-down jaws.Forged steel body.This design eliminates clamping deflection. It can be opened very wide and provides strong clamping power.Ideal for all types of milling, grinding, drilling and tapping operations on vertical and horizontal CNC machining.HRc 60ºHigh accuracy - all surfaces are hardened and paracision ground square and parelles to an accuracy of 0.0012" jaws and 0.0008" base.      ItemDescription1202-1025Width:6", Opening:8",   Depth:2", OAL:16.8", Weight:75lbs 

Item0: 1202-1025
Item: None
Item2: None
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