Full Screen LCD Electronic Digital Caliper, Metric/Inch/Fractional, 1/128Features:Metric/Inch/Fractional system interchangeable. Power ON/OFF(auto off 5 minutes) Zero setting at any position. Auto or manual power off. Power:3V CR2025 Data output. ItemRangeResolutionTolerance1110-08186”   /150mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1110-08288”   /200mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1110-083812”   /300mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm

Tialn Coated M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End Mill, Standard ToothFeatures:TiALN CoatedCenter cuttingM42-8% premium cobaltFlutes ground by a world -class ISO-9002 factory. CNC qualifiedItemDescription1102-00141/4"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-05165/16"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-00383/8"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-00121/2"x 1/2"x 1-1/4"x   3-1/4"x 4F1102-01201/2"x 1/2"x 2"x   4"x 4F1102-00585/8"x 5/8"x 1-5/8"x   3-3/4"x 4F1102-00343/4"x 3/4"x 1-5/8"x   3-3/4"x 4F1102-00011"x 1"x 2"x   4-1/2"x 5F1102-00311"x 1"x 3"x5-1/2"x   5F1102-01141"x 1"x 4"x6-1/2"x   5F 

5C Collet Chuck With Integral D1-5 Cam Lock Mounting Features:     Outside diameter: 5-1/2"Spindle: D1-5 cam lock    No. of stud: 6Diameter of stud: 3/4"Integrated D1-5 back mounting. Install on the machine in seconds, no machining requiredCan be used on any lathe with D1-5 cam lock mountingCustomers don't need to do any work when received, just mount it on your machine spindle and go.  Can use any size 5C collet Round collet: 1/16 ~ 1-1/8"; Hex collet: 1/8" ~ 7/8";Square Collet: 1/8" ~ 3/4"Scroll and pinion design just like 3-jaw chuck ,  operated with chuck key. Scroll & pinion precision machined and hardenedMax. RPM 6000TIR: 0.0006"ItemDescription0269-00155C   Collet Chuck With Integral D1-5 Cam Lock Mounting 

Precision CNC Milling ViseFeatures:Low profile pull-down jaws.Forged steel body.This design eliminates clamping deflection. It can be opened very wide and provides strong clamping power.Ideal for all types of milling, grinding, drilling and tapping operations on vertical and horizontal CNC machining.HRc 60ºHigh accuracy - all surfaces are hardened and paracision ground square and parelles to an accuracy of 0.0012" jaws and 0.0008" base.      ItemDescription1202-1025Width:6", Opening:8",   Depth:2", OAL:16.8", Weight:75lbs 

4-Pair Precision Parallel SetFeatures:● Mase from high quality alloy steel● Precision parallels are ideal for layout work, standards,   and set-ups● They make machine shop work easier, quicker and   less expensive● The holes are designed to make them lighter, easier   to handle and more adaptable for set-up● The are parallel within ±0.0002"● All pairs are precision ground and matched● HRC 52-58.ItemDescriptionEG02-04093/16" & 1/2" thick:3/16" x 1"x 6" with 5/16" hole3/16" x 1-1/4" x 6" with 3/8" hole1/2" x 1-1/2" x 6" with 7/16" hole1/2" x 1-3/4" x 6"   with 1/2" holeEG02-04101/2" thick:1/2" x 1"x 6" with 5/16" hole1/2" x 1-1/4" x 6" with 3/8" hole1/2" x 1-1/2" x 6" with 7/16" hole1/2" x 1-3/4" x 6"   with 1/2" hole

17pcs Precision Angle Block SetFeatures:Made from hardened steel.Used for grinding and milling machineoperation.Set includes the following angles:1/4°, 1/2°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°,30°, 35°, 40°, and 45°, plus 2 riser blocks.ItemDescriptionEJ99-211717Piece   Precision Angle Block Set

Precision Screwless ViseFeatures:Hardened and stabilized Precision ground to a mirror finish Simple operation and extremely versatile Squareness and parallelism are approx. ±0.0002" on critical sides ItemDescription0235-0302ize:2",Total   Length:5.51",Total Ht.:1.96",Jaw Opening:2.56"0235-0303Size:3",Total   Length:7.48",Total Ht.:2.75",Jaw Opening:3.93"0235-0304Size:4",Total   Length:9.64",Total Ht.:3.54",Jaw Opening:4.92"

Surface Roughness Comparator Inch/Metric ComboApplications:  Used to determine the degree of the surfacefinish by comparison method and visualestimation or magnifying glass.Features:Contains standards for the (6) most importantmachining methods: horizontal milling, verticalmilling,turning, plain grinding, flat lapping andexternal grindingRange of 2 to 500μ" and 0.05 to 12.5μm.ItemDescriptionEG02-0226Suface   Roughness Comparator

V-Flange CNC End Mill HolderFeatures:Caterpillar v-flange end mill HolderProduced According To AT3 Specifications.Made of alloy forged steel for long durable service life.Hardened to RC 52-56 and ground to ensure maximum accuracyEnd mill socket T.I.R.<0.0002".Through spindle coolant capability.Retention knobs are sold separately.Draw bar thread: CAT40 5/8"-11.                            CAT50 1"-8.ItemDescriptionCAT40CAT406780-7024d:1/4",L1:2-1/2",L:5-3/16",D:13/16",D1:1-3/4",L2:25/32",L3:-6780-7025d:3/16",L1:2-1/2",L:5-3/16",D:3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:9/16",L3:-6780-7026d:3/8",L1:2-1/2",L:5-3/16",D:1-1/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:25/32",L3:-6780-7027d:1/2",L1:2-5/8",L:5-5/16",D:1-3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:7/8",L3:-6780-7028d:5/8",L1:3-3/4",L:6-7/16",D:1-3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:15/16",L3:-6780-7029d:3/4",L1:3-3/4",L:6-7/16",D:1-3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:1",L3:-6780-7030d:7/8",L1:4",L:6-11/16",D:2-3/64",D1:1-3/4",L2:1-1/16",L3:7/8"6780-7031d:1",L1:4",L:6-11/16",D:2-31/64",D1:1-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"6780-7032d:1-1/4",L1:4-1/8",L:6-13/16",D:2-3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"CAT50CAT506780-7040d:3/8",L1:6-1/2",L:10-1/2",D:1-1/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:25/32",L3:-6780-7043d:1/2",L1:6-5/8",L:10-5/8",D:1-3/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:7/8",L3:-6780-7046d:5/8",L1:7-3/4",L:11-3/4",D:1-3/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:15/16",L3:-6780-7049d:3/4",L1:7-3/4",L:11-3/4",D:1-3/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:1",L3:-6780-7052d:7/8",L1:7-3/4",L:11-3/4",D:2-3/64",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-1/16",L3:7/8"6780-7054d:1",L1:8",L:12",D:2-31/64",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"6780-7057d:1-1/4",L1:8",L:12",D:2-3/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"6780-7060d:1-1/2",L1:8",L:12",D:3-9/64",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"6780-7063d:2",L1:9-5/8",L:13-5/8",D:3-15/16",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-3/16",L3:1-7/16"

#40 & #50 Taper Caterpillar V-Flange Jacobs Taper HolderFeatures:Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications.Constructed of alloy steel.Hardened to HRC 52-56 for long service life.Shot peened finish.Jacobs taper T.I.R. <0.0002". Draw bar thread: CAT40 5/8"-11.                             CAT50 1"-8.ItemDescriptionCAT40CAT406781-5481Jacobs   Taper:JT2; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5482Jacobs   Taper:JT3; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5484Jacobs   Taper:JT6; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5485Jacobs   Taper:JT33; Projection Length:1.50"CAT50CAT506781-5487Jacobs   Taper:JT2; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5488Jacobs   Taper:JT3; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5490Jacobs   Taper:JT6; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5491Jacobs   Taper:JT33; Projection Length:1.50"

CNC Integral Keyless ChuckFeatures:High precision keyless chuck-arbor is integrated for a single piece construction. Single piece construction provides for increased accuracy and greater rigidity. Balanced design. Increased holding power when tightened by wrench,preventing tool slippage. Easy to use. Safer than separate shank models Wrench supplied.ItemDescription0222-0890Capacity:   0-1/2", Taper: CT40, Weight: 3.5lbs0222-0892Capacity:  0-5/8", Taper: CT40, Weight: 4.3lbs0222-0894Capacity:   0-1/2", Taper: CT50, Weight: 9.2lbs0222-0896Capacity:   0-5/8", Taper: CT50, Weight: 9.9lbs0222-0990Capacity:   0-1/2", Taper: BT40, Weight: 4.0lbs

ER-16 Collet Set & ChuckFeatures:10pcs ER16 chucks set includes the following collet size: 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16", 11/32", & 3/8" All collets are made of high quality alloy spring steel. 0.0005" accuracy 1pc spanner + 1pc clamping nut 1pc chuck holder Draw bar thread CAT40: 5/8"-113/4 straight shank: 3/8"-16Fitted plastic caseItemDescriptionCT40-ER16CAT40-ER16-2.75"0223-0307ER16-3/4"   x 4"

MT3 Shank ER32 Chuck With 11pc Collets SetFeatures:11pc ER32 collet set : 1/8" - 3/4" by 16th (1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4")All collets are made of high quality alloy spring steel. 0.0005" accuracyHardened and precision ground1pc MT3 shank ER32 collet chuck. Draw bar threads 1/2" x 131pc ER32 spannerFitted plastic caseItemDescription0223-030411pc   ER32 collet set : 1/8" - 3/4" by 16th, 1pc MT3 shank ER32 collet   chuck, 1pc ER32 spanner

Caterpillar V-Flange Shell End Mill HolderFeatures:All "V" flange tooling are interchangeable with brown & sharp,burgmaster, carboloy, cincinnati milacron, de vlieg, erickson,excelled, mooggy, print & whiney, universal, valence,white sand strand and other machining centers.Made from alloy steel hardened to HRC 52-56Taper accurately ground exceeding AT3 standardDraw bar thread: CAT40 5/8"-11.                            CAT50 1"-8.ItemDescriptionCAT40CAT406780-7100D:1/2",B:1-3/8",d:0.375",A:9/16",L1:1-3/8",L:4-5/8",M:1/4"-28UNF6780-7102D:3/4",B:1-3/4",d:0.563",A:11/16",L1:1-3/8",L:4-3/4",M:3/8"-24UNF6780-7104D:1",B:2-1/4",d:0.750",A:11/16",L1:2-1/16",L:5-7/16",M:1/2"-20UNF6780-7106D:1-1/4",B:2-3/4",d:0.940",A:11/16",L1:2-1/8",L:5-1/2",M:5/8"-18UNF6780-7108D:1-1/2",B:3-3/4",d:1.874",A:15/16",L1:2-13/32",L:6-1/32",M:3/4"-16UNFCAT50CAT506780-7110D:1/2",B:1-3/8",d:0.375",A:9/16",L1:1-1/2",L:6-1/16",M:1/4"-28UNF6780-7116D:3/4",B:1-3/4",d:0.563",A:11/16",L1:1-1/2",L:6-3/16",M:3/8"-24UNF6780-7122D:1",B:2-1/4",d:0.750",A:11/16",L1:2",L:6-11/16",M:1/2"-20UNF6780-7130D:1-1/4",B:2-3/4",d:0.940",A:11/16",L1:3-1/2",L:8-3/16",M:5/8"-18UNF6780-7136D:1-1/2",B:3-3/4",d:1.874",A:15/16",L1:4",L:8-15/16",M:3/4"-16UNF6780-7142D:2",B:4-7/8",d:2.484",A:15/16",L1:4",L:8-15/16",M:1"-14UNF


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