BT40 Tool Holder Tightening Fixture

BT40 Tool Holder Tightening Fixture For Universal CNC Equipment, Double Head Anodized Hardened


  • Applicable model is BT40

  • Realize Double-end Mounting, facilitate mount and dismount.

  • Modern design, protect the conical surface of the tool holder.

  • Sliding block positioning design, correct orientation and non-skid.

  • Adopt new material, detailed and comprehensive protection.

  • Match for BT40 tool holer type: BT40 L: 255mm W: 140mm H: 140mm

  • When installing the CNC tools on machine tools, some parts such as tools and pull studs need to installed on tool holders. Because of the specific form of the CNC tools, the traditional tool lock seat can’t satisfy the tighten or unscrew requirement during production, assembling and using. There are an upward direction lock snap ring and a downward direction lock snap ring on the dicephalous tool lock base. They can satisfy the installation of CNC pull studs, ER nuts, and Tools, etc. from both directions.




L: 255mm W: 140mm H: 140mm


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