Full Screen Yellow LCD Electronic Digital Caliper, Metric/Inch/FractionalFeature:Metric/Inch system interchangeable. Power ON/OFF (auto off 5 minutes) Zero setting at any position. Auto or manual power off. Power: 3V CR2025Data output. ItemRangeResolutionTolerance1110-18180-6"/0-150mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1110-18280-8"/0-200mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1110-18380-12"/0-300mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm

 Heavy-Duty Dial Caliper ,Stainless STEELFeatures:0.001" graduationHeavy-duty jaws.Inside, outside and depth measurementsRound-shaped measuring faces provide accuracyInside and outside measurements can be read directlySupplied in fitted boxItem # 1721-0040 without depth barItemDescription1721-0018Range:0-18",Resolution:0.001",Accuracy:±0.002"1721-0024Range:0-24",Resolution:0.001",Accuracy:±0.003"1721-0040Range:0-40",Resolution:0.001",Accuracy:±0.004"

Dual Needle Precision Inch/Metric Dial Caliper, Stainless SteelHardened stainless steel Direct reading to 0.001"/0.02mm on large clear dial Utilizes two separate needles for inch or metric readings  Precision ground and micro-lapped Adjusting slide for fine adjustment 4 way measurments for inside, outside, depth and step0.100"/2mm range per revolutionItemRangeResolutionP920-S2360-6"/0-150mm0.001"/0.02mm P920-S2380-8"/0-200mm0.001”/0.02mm P920-S2320-12"/0-300mm0.001”/0.02mm

Multi Anvil MicrometerFeatures:Resolution:0.0001"Two interchangeable anvil: flat & round.Carbide face on spindle Ratchet thimbleLock nut.Satin chrome finished.ItemDescriptionP101-S100Measuring   Range:0-1"X0.0001"P101-S101Measuring   Range:1-2"X0.0001" 

Multi Function Double Beam Electronic Digital Height GageLanguage selection English/ChineseData holdingAbsolute /Relative measurement(ABS)In/mm conversionOLED screenBluetooth data outputAuto power offPreset function for entering a known value or initial valueAbsolute origin correctionZero-setting of displaySet and determine toleranceBatter: 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery (Normal use more than 12 hours on one charge)Operating temp.:0℃-40℃Relative humidity: ≤80%Storage temp.: -20℃-60℃ItemDescription8528-00120-12"/0-300mm8528-00240-24"/0-600mm http://www.zzwtools.com/product/1225148/

Left-Hand Digital Caliper With Extra Large ScreenFeatures:New mode digital caliper with 3-key super screen. 12mm high LCD display. Zero setting at any position. Inch/mm system interchangeable. Manual power on/off. Power on/off at any position, invariable measuring origin (zero). Display window is made of special quartz glass,string ability of scratch resistance.   Applicable to leave hand operation. ItemRangeResolutionAB11-L1060-6”   /0-150mm0.0005”/0.01mmAB11-L1080-8”   /0-200mm0.0005”/0.01mmAB11-L1120-12”   /0-300mm0.0005”/0.01mm

Electronic Digital Caliper Extra-Large LCD, Metal Cover, Stainless Steel,IP54 Water ResistantFeatures:Premium high-quality digital caliper 4 ways Use for inside, outside, depth and step measurements with inch/metric conversionMetal covers heavy duty.Immediately displays on a large LCD screen when pulling it, 5 minutes automatically offConstructed with HRC 52.5 hardened stainless steel shafts which with IP54 water resistantRequires one 3V CR2032 battery (battery & replacement included)ItemDescription2015-01500-6"x 0.0005"/150mm x 0.01mm2015-02000-8"x 0.0005"/200mm x 0.01mm2015-03000-12"x 0.0005"/300mm x 0.01mm

Water Resistant Electronic Digital Caliper, IP67 Metal CoverFeatures:IP67 prevents dust, spraying water, oil and magnetismPower: 1.5V SR44 Permissible error: ±0.03mm Inch/mm system interchangeable. Zero setting at any position. Auto power off.   ItemRangeResolutionTolerance1199-W6160-6”   /0-150mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1199-W6260-8”   /0-200mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1199-W6360-12”   /0-300mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm

       Dial Caliper Stainless SteelDirect reading to 0.001" on large clear dial  Measuring face hardened, precision ground and  micro-lapped for absolute accuracy  Adjusting slide for fine adjustment  Inside, outside,and depth measurements  Satin chrome finish,crisp engraved graduations  Clamp for repetitive setting  Accurate to ±0.001" per 6"  Covered rack  Deluxe case      ItemDescriptionP920-S214Range:0-4" Resolution:0.001"P920-S216Range:0-6" Resolution:0.001"P920-S218Range:0-8" Resolution:0.001"P920-S212Range:0-12"   Resolution:0.001"

Full Screen LCD Electronic Digital Caliper, Metric/Inch/Fractional, 1/128Features:Metric/Inch/Fractional system interchangeable. Power ON/OFF(auto off 5 minutes) Zero setting at any position. Auto or manual power off. Power:3V CR2025 Data output. ItemRangeResolutionTolerance1110-08186”   /150mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1110-08288”   /200mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm1110-083812”   /300mm0.0005”/0.01mm±0.03mm

32Pcs HSS 1/2" Shank S&D Drill SetFeatures:32pcs/set with 1/2" shank in cartonSize: 33/64"-1" by 64ths ItemDescriptionH516-6506Size include: 33/64"-1" by   64ths 

Tialn Coated M42-8% Cobalt Roughing End Mill, Standard ToothFeatures:TiALN CoatedCenter cuttingM42-8% premium cobaltFlutes ground by a world -class ISO-9002 factory. CNC qualifiedItemDescription1102-00141/4"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-05165/16"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-00383/8"x 3/8"x 3/4"x   2-1/2"x 4F1102-00121/2"x 1/2"x 1-1/4"x   3-1/4"x 4F1102-01201/2"x 1/2"x 2"x   4"x 4F1102-00585/8"x 5/8"x 1-5/8"x   3-3/4"x 4F1102-00343/4"x 3/4"x 1-5/8"x   3-3/4"x 4F1102-00011"x 1"x 2"x   4-1/2"x 5F1102-00311"x 1"x 3"x5-1/2"x   5F1102-01141"x 1"x 4"x6-1/2"x   5F 

H.S.S. Keyway Broach SetAll broach sets are furnished in handsome varnished box, and come complete with precision broaches, slotted bushings, and necessary shims. ****0 Standard Set Item # 5100-0010 Cuts 18 different keyways. All nessary shims. NO.00 Precision Set Item # 5100-0001 The most common keyway combinations for small keyways and bores. 3 broaches by 5 bushings equals 15 combinations. NO. 10-10A Combination Set  Item # 5100-0012 Combines 10 and 10A sets. 4 Broaches and 18 bushings equals 36 combinations Keyway Sizes NO. 60Metric Set  Item # 5100-0060 The most common metric keyway combinations for small keyways and bores. NO.40A Standard Set Item # 5100-0042 NO.70 Metric Set Item Item # 5100-0070 The most common keyway combinations for keyways and bores. 4 broaches & 8 bushings = 32 combinations.ItemDescription5100-0012****0-10A Combination Set5100-0001NO.00 Precision Set5100-0010****0 Standard Set5100-0060NO. 60 Metric Set5100-0042NO.40A Standard Set5100-0070NO.70 Metric Set

115pcs M35 (H.S.S.+5% Cobalt) Jobber Length Drill Set 135° Split Point● M35(H.S.S.+5% Cobalt)● 115 pcs/set: 1/16"-1/2" by 64ths, No.1 to 60 and A to Z● Straight shank, ANSI standard● Right-hand;● With aggressive 135° split points, these cobalt drills bits not only last longer while drilling but also cut faster than        standard high-speed steel bits. It's ideal for drilling cast iron, heat-treated steel, stainless steel and other hard materials.● In strong fitted metal box    ItemDescription0422-1003115pcs M35 (H.S.S.+5% Cobalt) Jobber Length Drill Set 135° Split Point

6pcs/set Carbide Insert(For little hogger mill set)Features:Specially for #0046-0700 littlehogger mill set2pcs TNMA32, 2pcs SNMA32,and 2pcs RNMA32. ItemDescription0046-07016ps/set   carbide insert

Weldon AdaptorItemDescriptionIBK0-0NITDia.   of Inner Hole:3/4" Dia.of pilot bore:1/4" Dia. of   Shank:3/4",O.A.L(Expert Shank):1",Out Shank type:Nitto One Touch   ShankIBK0-0QFNDia.   of Inner Hole:3/4" Dia.of pilot bore:1/4" Dia. of   Shank:3/4",O.A.L(Expert Shank):1",Out Shank type:Fein Quick IN   ShankIBK0-0258Dia.   of Inner Hole:1-1/4" Dia.of pilot bore:5/16" Dia. of   Shank:3/4",O.A.L(Expert Shank):1",Out Shank type:Weldon Shank

Carbide Tipped Boring Bar SetFeatures:C6 grade: carbide for steel and alloy steel. Up to 100% longer tool life All shanks are hardened and ground to +0.0000" ~ -0.0005"Tool life is extended because each bar has far more steel behindthe cutting edge for heavier chatter-free cut, deeper more and moreprecise work.The same bar can bear flat-bottom hole or face.Grind bar on cutting end for special tools such as grooving, threadingor automatic operations.All 1/2", 3/4", and 1" shank fit most boring and facing heads.ItemDescription0375-0111Size:3/8";   Pcs. in set:90375-0333Size:1/2";   Pcs. in set:90375-0555Size:5/8";   Pcs. in set:120375-0777Size:3/4";   Pcs. in set:120375-0999Size:1";   Pcs. in set:6

20pcs H.S.S. Mini Drill SetItemDescriptionEXP1-1521#61-#80   with Plastic Case

20pcs H.S.S. Mini Drill SetItemDescriptionEXP1-15200.3-1.6mm   with Plastic Case

H.S.S. Annular Cutter, Ansi Standard Cutting Depth:2"Cutter diameter 7/16" to 1/2" is with 3/4" weldon shank, Hole of pilot pin = Dia. 6.50mm Cutter diameter 9/16" to 2-11/32" are with 3/4" weldon shank, Hole of pilot pin = Dia. 1/4" Cutter diameter 2-3/8" to 4" are with 1-1/4" weldon shank, Hole of  pilot pin = Dia. 5/16"ItemDescription2081-2012Dia of   cut:7/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2013Dia of   cut:1/2",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2014Dia of   cut:9/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2015Dia of   cut:5/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2016Dia of   cut:11/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2017Dia of   cut:3/4",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2018Dia of   cut:13/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2019Dia of   cut:7/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2021Dia of   cut:1",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2059Dia of   cut:3-3/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2022Dia of   cut:1-1/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2023Dia of   cut:1-1/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2020Dia of   cut:15/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2024Dia of   cut:1-3/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2025Dia of   cut:1-1/4",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2026Dia of   cut:1-5/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2027Dia of   cut:1-3/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2028Dia of   cut:1-7/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2029Dia of   cut:1-1/2",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2030Dia of   cut:1-9/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2031Dia of   cut:1-5/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2032Dia of   cut:1-11/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2033Dia of   cut:1-3/4",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2034Dia of   cut:1-13/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2035Dia of   cut:1-7/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2036Dia of   cut:1-15/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2037Dia of   cut:2",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2038Dia of   cut:2-1/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2039Dia of   cut:2-1/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2040Dia of   cut:2-3/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2041Dia of   cut:2-1/4",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2042Dia of   cut:2-5/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2043Dia of   cut:2-3/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2044Dia of   cut:2-7/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2055Dia of   cut:3-1/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2057Dia of   cut:3-1/4",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2045Dia of   cut:2-1/2",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2046Dia of   cut:2-9/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2047Dia of   cut:2-5/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2048Dia of   cut:2-11/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2049Dia of   cut:2-3/4",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2050Dia of   cut:2-13/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2051Dia of   cut:2-7/8",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2052Dia of   cut:2-15/16",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2053Dia of   cut:3",Cutting Depth:2"2081-2054Dia of   cut:3-1/16",Cutting Depth:2"

5C Collet Chuck With Integral D1-5 Cam Lock Mounting Features:     Outside diameter: 5-1/2"Spindle: D1-5 cam lock    No. of stud: 6Diameter of stud: 3/4"Integrated D1-5 back mounting. Install on the machine in seconds, no machining requiredCan be used on any lathe with D1-5 cam lock mountingCustomers don't need to do any work when received, just mount it on your machine spindle and go.  Can use any size 5C collet Round collet: 1/16 ~ 1-1/8"; Hex collet: 1/8" ~ 7/8";Square Collet: 1/8" ~ 3/4"Scroll and pinion design just like 3-jaw chuck ,  operated with chuck key. Scroll & pinion precision machined and hardenedMax. RPM 6000TIR: 0.0006"ItemDescription0269-00155C   Collet Chuck With Integral D1-5 Cam Lock Mounting 

Precision CNC Milling ViseFeatures:Low profile pull-down jaws.Forged steel body.This design eliminates clamping deflection. It can be opened very wide and provides strong clamping power.Ideal for all types of milling, grinding, drilling and tapping operations on vertical and horizontal CNC machining.HRc 60ºHigh accuracy - all surfaces are hardened and paracision ground square and parelles to an accuracy of 0.0012" jaws and 0.0008" base.      ItemDescription1202-1025Width:6", Opening:8",   Depth:2", OAL:16.8", Weight:75lbs 

10 pcs BXA Wedge Type Quick Change Tool Post Set1pc AXA Wedge Type Tool Post for Lathe 10 - 15", with 7 pcs Tool Holders and 1pc Two Wheel Knurling Tool,1pc Heavy-duty Indexable Grooving & Cut-off Holder (Nickel plated) Features:Wedge type tool posts are precision engineered to assure repetitive accuracyWedge type tool posts have the Maximum rigidity to get the chatter-free cuttingNo time wasted with shimsAll working parts hardened and precision groundThe tool post comes with a "T" type plate,  customers may need to machining to make it  fit into their specific lathe T-slotSuitable for lathe center height 0.7 - 2.2" (top compound surface to lathe centerline), such as  Emco: Elnomat13S; Delta 14"; Monarch: 13;  Sheldon: 11 &13"; South Bend 13", 14" & 1307;  Logan 14"; Harrison: 11, 12 &13"; Clausing: 1300 series; Nardini: MS1400 MS1600; Acer: 1340 and many other same size lathes. Interchangeable with Aloris, Phase II, Dorian, Yuasa etc.  Each set consists of one Wedge type tool post, 7 tool holders, 1 knurling tool and 1 heavy-duty indexable grooving & cut-off holder:1pc of 0252-0222 Wedge Style Quick Change Tool Post2pcs of 0250-0201 Turning & Facing Tool Holders2pcs of 0250-0201T Extra XL Turning & Facing Tool Holders  1pc of 0250-0202 Boring, Turning & Facing Tool Holder1pc of 0250-0202T Extra XL Boring, Turning & Facing Tool Holder1pc of 0250-0204 Heavy Duty, Boring & Bar Tool Holder1pc of 0250-0207 Universal Parting Blades Tool HolderAnd these follows 2 items can be used separately with any square tool bit holders:1pc of 0250-1740 Two Wheel Knurling Tool, Holder: 4"x1/2"x1/2"; Knurls: 3/4"(Dia) x 1/4"(Face) x 1/4"(Hole)1pc of 2415-5030 Heavy-Duty Indexable grooving & cut-off holder with inserts 2403-2004 GTN-3 installed, Size: QA12R-30C, 3/4" x 3/4" x 5" OALItemDescription0251-0229Model:BXA,Lathe   Swing:10-15", Each 1pc 0252-0222, 0250-0201, 0250-0201, 0250-0202,   0250-0201T, 0250-0202T, 0250-0204, 0250-0207, 0250-1740, 2415-5030

11pcs AXA Wedge Type Quick Change Tool Post Set1pc AXA Wedge Type Tool Post for Lathe 6 - 12",with 8 pcs Tool Holders and 1pc Two Wheel Knurling Tool,1pc Heavy-duty Indexable Grooving & Cut-off Holder (Nickel plated)Features:Wedge type tool posts are precision engineered to assure repetitive accuracy Wedge type tool posts have the Maximum rigidity to get the chatter-free cutting No time wasted with shims All working parts hardened and precision ground The tool post comes with a blank plate,  customers may need to machining to make it fit into their specific lathe T-slot Suitable for lathe center height 0.6 - 1.75" (top compound surface to lathe centerline), such as: Atlas 10 & 12", Delta 10 & 11"; South Bend 9" & 10", Nardini TT1000 & TT1200 and many other same size lathes Each set consists of one Wedge type tool post, 8 tool holders, 1 knurling tool and 1 heavy-duty indexable grooving & cut-off holder:1pc of 0252-0111 Wedge Style Quick Change Tool Post 2pcs of 0250-0101 Turning & Facing Tool Holders 1pc of 0250-0101T Extra XL Turning & Facing Tool Holder 2pcs of 0250-0102 Boring, Turning & Facing Tool Holders 1pc of 0250-0102T Extra XL Boring, Turning & Facing Tool Holder 1pc of 0250-0104 Heavy Duty, Boring & Bar Tool Holder 1pc of 0250-0107 Universal Parting Blades Tool HolderAnd these follows 2 items can be used separately with any square tool bit holders:1pc of 0250-1740 Two Wheel Knurling Tool, Holder: 4"x1/2"x1/2"; Knurls: 3/4"(Dia) x 1/4"(Face) x 1/4"(Hole)1pc of 2415-5024 Heavy-Duty Indexable grooving & cut-off holder with inserts 2403-2003 GTN-2 installed,Size: QA08R-20B, 1/2" x 1/2" x 4-1/2" OALItemDescription0251-0119Model:AXA,Lathe   Swing:6-12",Each 1pc 0252-0111, 0250-0101, 0250-0101, 0250-0101T,   0250-0102, 0250-0102, 0250-0102T, 0250-0104, 0250-0107, 0250-1740, 2415-5024

5 pcs AXA Wedge Type Quick Change Tool Post Set1pc AXA Wedge Type Tool Post for Lathe 6 - 12", with 3 pcs Tool Holders and 1pc 1/2'' M35 Square Lathe BitFeatures:All parts are hardened, ground and completely sealed for maintenance-free operation.Quick change QC tool post sets advanced design provides built-in quick tool changing versatility with positive rigidity to meet the most exacting working tolerances.Quickly and easily installed on an engine bench or turret lathe quick change QC tool post sets perform a wide range of operations from fine precise work to heavy-duty cutting.Maximum rigidity for chatter-free performance.Quick change QC tool post sets are interchangeable with all industry-leading brands by series.  Each set consists of one Wedge type tool post, 3 tool holders and 1 Lathe Bit:1pc of 0250-0111 Wedge Style Quick Change Tool Post1pc of 0250-0101 Turning & Facing Tool Holder1pc of 0250-0101T Extra XL Turning & Facing Tool Holder 1pc of 0250-0102 Boring Turing & Facing Tool Holder1pc of 5095-0032 M35 Square Lathe Bit, 1/2" x 1/2" x 4" OALItemDescription0251-0155Model:AXA,Lathe   Swing:6"-12",Each 1pc 0250-0111, 0250-0101, 0250-0101T, 0250-0102,   5095-0032

L-00 Type Adaptor For 3-Jaw Lathe ChuckFeatures:For 3 Jaw plain back chucksDirect mounting on "L" type spindle noseItemDescription2700-0500Chuck   Dia:6",Spindle Taper:L-002700-0501Chuck   Dia:8",Spindle Taper:L-002700-0502Chuck   Dia:10",Spindle Taper:L-00

R8 End Mill Holder With R8 ShankFeatures:Hardened and ground  Made from high quality steel forging Precision ground concentric  Ground shank and hole, heat treated for double accuracy  7/16-20"  drawbar thread For bridge port type end millItemDescription0222-0840R8 End   Mill Holders,1/4"0222-0841R8 End   Mill Holders,3/16"0222-0842R8 End   Mill Holders,3/8"0222-0843R8 End   Mill Holders,1/2"0222-0844R8 End   Mill Holders,5/8"0222-0845R8 End   Mill Holders,3/4"0222-0846R8 End   Mill Holders,7/8"0222-0847R8 End   Mill Holders,1"0222-0848R8 End   Mill Holders,1-1/4"0222-0849R8 End   Mill Holders,1-1/2"

Solid Angle Plates SetFeatures:Hardened & ground steel.  Precision ground angles forsetup in tooling,production and inspection.Four holes 11/32" for easy mounting.Accuracy: ±10 minutes.ItemDescriptionEG10-9010Dimension:   (30º, 60º, 90º) and (45º, 45º, 90º)

Fully Machined Lthe Chuck Back Plate D1 Type Adaptor For Most 4 Jaw Independent ChuckFeatures:Need machining the back plate shoulders based on different 4 jaw independent chucksThe back plate outside diameter is smaller than the lathe chuck diameter due to the mounting holes are towards the center of the lathe chuck, then the recess diameter D2 of the lathe chuck still provide a tight fit.ItemDescription2600-0162Spindle   Taper:D1-3, Chuck Diameter:6" D=6.29"2600-0163Spindle   Taper:D1-4, Chuck Diameter:6" D=6.29"2600-0164Spindle   Taper:D1-5, Chuck Diameter:6" D=6.29"2600-0165Spindle   Taper:D1-3, Chuck Diameter:8" D=6.29"2600-0166Spindle   Taper:D1-4, Chuck Diameter:8" D=6.29"2600-0167Spindle   Taper:D1-6, Chuck Diameter:8" D=6.29"2600-0168Spindle   Taper:D1-6, Chuck Diameter:10" D=7.87"2600-0169Spindle   Taper:D1-8, Chuck Diameter:10" D=9.05"

Two-Piece Reversible Jaws 3-Jaw Self-Centring Chuck Direct Mount" D1"  Series (Direct Mounting) Chuck.  Features:Hardened and ground two-piece reversible jaws  Semi-steel body  Complete with chuck key  Standard accuracy  Standard scroll ItemDescription0559-0101Diameter:6"/160mm0559-0102Diameter:8"/200mm0559-0104Diameter:8"/200mm0559-0106Diameter:10"/250mm0559-0108Diameter:12"/320mm

Precision Screwless ViseFeatures:Hardened and stabilized Precision ground to a mirror finish Simple operation and extremely versatile Squareness and parallelism are approx. ±0.0002" on critical sides ItemDescription0235-0302ize:2",Total   Length:5.51",Total Ht.:1.96",Jaw Opening:2.56"0235-0303Size:3",Total   Length:7.48",Total Ht.:2.75",Jaw Opening:3.93"0235-0304Size:4",Total   Length:9.64",Total Ht.:3.54",Jaw Opening:4.92"

V-Flange CNC End Mill HolderFeatures:Caterpillar v-flange end mill HolderProduced According To AT3 Specifications.Made of alloy forged steel for long durable service life.Hardened to RC 52-56 and ground to ensure maximum accuracyEnd mill socket T.I.R.<0.0002".Through spindle coolant capability.Retention knobs are sold separately.Draw bar thread: CAT40 5/8"-11.                            CAT50 1"-8.ItemDescriptionCAT40CAT406780-7024d:1/4",L1:2-1/2",L:5-3/16",D:13/16",D1:1-3/4",L2:25/32",L3:-6780-7025d:3/16",L1:2-1/2",L:5-3/16",D:3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:9/16",L3:-6780-7026d:3/8",L1:2-1/2",L:5-3/16",D:1-1/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:25/32",L3:-6780-7027d:1/2",L1:2-5/8",L:5-5/16",D:1-3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:7/8",L3:-6780-7028d:5/8",L1:3-3/4",L:6-7/16",D:1-3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:15/16",L3:-6780-7029d:3/4",L1:3-3/4",L:6-7/16",D:1-3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:1",L3:-6780-7030d:7/8",L1:4",L:6-11/16",D:2-3/64",D1:1-3/4",L2:1-1/16",L3:7/8"6780-7031d:1",L1:4",L:6-11/16",D:2-31/64",D1:1-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"6780-7032d:1-1/4",L1:4-1/8",L:6-13/16",D:2-3/4",D1:1-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"CAT50CAT506780-7040d:3/8",L1:6-1/2",L:10-1/2",D:1-1/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:25/32",L3:-6780-7043d:1/2",L1:6-5/8",L:10-5/8",D:1-3/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:7/8",L3:-6780-7046d:5/8",L1:7-3/4",L:11-3/4",D:1-3/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:15/16",L3:-6780-7049d:3/4",L1:7-3/4",L:11-3/4",D:1-3/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:1",L3:-6780-7052d:7/8",L1:7-3/4",L:11-3/4",D:2-3/64",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-1/16",L3:7/8"6780-7054d:1",L1:8",L:12",D:2-31/64",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"6780-7057d:1-1/4",L1:8",L:12",D:2-3/4",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"6780-7060d:1-1/2",L1:8",L:12",D:3-9/64",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-1/8",L3:1"6780-7063d:2",L1:9-5/8",L:13-5/8",D:3-15/16",D1:2-3/4",L2:1-3/16",L3:1-7/16"

#40 & #50 Taper Caterpillar V-Flange Jacobs Taper HolderFeatures:Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications.Constructed of alloy steel.Hardened to HRC 52-56 for long service life.Shot peened finish.Jacobs taper T.I.R. <0.0002". Draw bar thread: CAT40 5/8"-11.                             CAT50 1"-8.ItemDescriptionCAT40CAT406781-5481Jacobs   Taper:JT2; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5482Jacobs   Taper:JT3; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5484Jacobs   Taper:JT6; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5485Jacobs   Taper:JT33; Projection Length:1.50"CAT50CAT506781-5487Jacobs   Taper:JT2; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5488Jacobs   Taper:JT3; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5490Jacobs   Taper:JT6; Projection Length:1.50"6781-5491Jacobs   Taper:JT33; Projection Length:1.50"

CNC Integral Keyless ChuckFeatures:High precision keyless chuck-arbor is integrated for a single piece construction. Single piece construction provides for increased accuracy and greater rigidity. Balanced design. Increased holding power when tightened by wrench,preventing tool slippage. Easy to use. Safer than separate shank models Wrench supplied.ItemDescription0222-0890Capacity:   0-1/2", Taper: CT40, Weight: 3.5lbs0222-0892Capacity:  0-5/8", Taper: CT40, Weight: 4.3lbs0222-0894Capacity:   0-1/2", Taper: CT50, Weight: 9.2lbs0222-0896Capacity:   0-5/8", Taper: CT50, Weight: 9.9lbs0222-0990Capacity:   0-1/2", Taper: BT40, Weight: 4.0lbs

ER-16 Collet Set & ChuckFeatures:10pcs ER16 chucks set includes the following collet size: 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16", 11/32", & 3/8" All collets are made of high quality alloy spring steel. 0.0005" accuracy 1pc spanner + 1pc clamping nut 1pc chuck holder Draw bar thread CAT40: 5/8"-113/4 straight shank: 3/8"-16Fitted plastic caseItemDescriptionCT40-ER16CAT40-ER16-2.75"0223-0307ER16-3/4"   x 4"

MT3 Shank ER32 Chuck With 11pc Collets SetFeatures:11pc ER32 collet set : 1/8" - 3/4" by 16th (1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4")All collets are made of high quality alloy spring steel. 0.0005" accuracyHardened and precision ground1pc MT3 shank ER32 collet chuck. Draw bar threads 1/2" x 131pc ER32 spannerFitted plastic caseItemDescription0223-030411pc   ER32 collet set : 1/8" - 3/4" by 16th, 1pc MT3 shank ER32 collet   chuck, 1pc ER32 spanner

Caterpillar V-Flange Shell End Mill HolderFeatures:All "V" flange tooling are interchangeable with brown & sharp,burgmaster, carboloy, cincinnati milacron, de vlieg, erickson,excelled, mooggy, print & whiney, universal, valence,white sand strand and other machining centers.Made from alloy steel hardened to HRC 52-56Taper accurately ground exceeding AT3 standardDraw bar thread: CAT40 5/8"-11.                            CAT50 1"-8.ItemDescriptionCAT40CAT406780-7100D:1/2",B:1-3/8",d:0.375",A:9/16",L1:1-3/8",L:4-5/8",M:1/4"-28UNF6780-7102D:3/4",B:1-3/4",d:0.563",A:11/16",L1:1-3/8",L:4-3/4",M:3/8"-24UNF6780-7104D:1",B:2-1/4",d:0.750",A:11/16",L1:2-1/16",L:5-7/16",M:1/2"-20UNF6780-7106D:1-1/4",B:2-3/4",d:0.940",A:11/16",L1:2-1/8",L:5-1/2",M:5/8"-18UNF6780-7108D:1-1/2",B:3-3/4",d:1.874",A:15/16",L1:2-13/32",L:6-1/32",M:3/4"-16UNFCAT50CAT506780-7110D:1/2",B:1-3/8",d:0.375",A:9/16",L1:1-1/2",L:6-1/16",M:1/4"-28UNF6780-7116D:3/4",B:1-3/4",d:0.563",A:11/16",L1:1-1/2",L:6-3/16",M:3/8"-24UNF6780-7122D:1",B:2-1/4",d:0.750",A:11/16",L1:2",L:6-11/16",M:1/2"-20UNF6780-7130D:1-1/4",B:2-3/4",d:0.940",A:11/16",L1:3-1/2",L:8-3/16",M:5/8"-18UNF6780-7136D:1-1/2",B:3-3/4",d:1.874",A:15/16",L1:4",L:8-15/16",M:3/4"-16UNF6780-7142D:2",B:4-7/8",d:2.484",A:15/16",L1:4",L:8-15/16",M:1"-14UNF

ISO40 Shell Mill HolderItemDescription0535-00343/4"x   5/8"-110535-00011"x   5/8"-110535-01141-1/4"x   5/8"-11

Universal Dial and Bevel Protractors Includes both 6" & 12" BladesFeatures:Hardened stainless steel Satin chrome finished Includes lock and acute angleattachment Reading to 5" Graduation: 360° Bevel protractor includesmagnifier for vernier Measuring precision: 5 minutes Supplied in fitted caseItemDescriptionS855-C802UNIVERSAL   DIAL AND BEVEL PROTRATORS INCLUDES BOTH 6"&12" BLADES

Draftsmen Straight EdgeFeatures:● Constructed from high quality heat treated steel● Accurate reference line and may be used for checking surface    for straightness● Precision ground on one side to 0.001"● Thickness: 1/4"● Convenient hang hole provided on one end● Non graduated● Supplied with quality wood caseItemDescription0001-0024Length:24"0001-0036Length:36"


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